State Department Of The Environment, Baltimore Housing Authority Continue To Test Wastewater Across City For COVID-19

Date Published: 
April 7th, 2021

From CBS 13 Baltimore:

The State Department of The Environment is working closely with the Baltimore City Housing Authority to test the wastewater of more than 14 locations in Baltimore for COVID-19.

Janet Abrahams, with the Baltimore City Housing Authority, said crews are pulling samples twice a week from each site.

“This is a very successful process that they have implemented,” she said.

A sample device is placed underground for 24 hours, then transported to a lab for testing. Abrahams said if COVID-19 is detected, they can then bring in on-site testing for residents.

Their testing proved to be successful. Earlier this month, officials said samples from Latrobe Homes detected elevated COVID-19 levels in their wastewater.

That meant one or more residents, or visitors, who recently used the restroom had contracted the virus.

Officials said this is all about finding early warning signs and getting a jumpstart to keeping residents safe.

“We can’t keep it virus-free, but we can definitely make sure when we see the spike was going on we’re testing and making sure that families practice the social distancing,” Abrahams said.

Read CBS 13 Baltimore's article and watch the local news story.

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